• Amanda Wren

Darwin here are your new Xero Releases

Monitor expenses on your dashboard

The new expenses dashboard view provides a relevant, up-to-date snapshot of expense claim activity. This helps small businesses using expenses understand, monitor and proactively manage expenses more efficiently. Depending on your expenses user role, the dashboard view will highlight new and awaiting approval claims and help submitters track the status of their claims easily.

New invoicing

Small businesses and advisors in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States have been using a new version of invoicing since late last year. Over the next two weeks, the new experience will be rolled out to the remaining regions, including the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

With a simpler more intuitive interface, new invoicing has time saving features including automatic coding suggestions, auto-saving and the ability to show and hide entry fields for those with varying complexity when entering invoice information.

Inbuilt calculator in new invoicing

With over 60,000 calculations undertaken in Xero invoicing fields every week, small businesses and advisors have the ability to use the inbuilt calculator to run equations for quantity, unit, price, and amount fields, across both classic and new invoicing. In new invoicing, exponents can also be entered to calculate more complex calculations, however, discount percentages are automatically calculated for you. As an added bonus, you can also use the inbuilt calculator in the debit and credit fields in manual journals.

New Payroll Only plan – AU

Small businesses with 1-4 employees can meet Single Touch Payroll reporting obligations, with the Payroll Only plan. At $10 per month, employers can manage their payroll, connect and file the information directly to the ATO from Xero. Learn more about Single Touch Payroll.

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